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We are a collective healing community. Each of us has our own expertise in various areas & numerous levels of experience. We believe we are more powerful & dutiful as a unit. We offer many services that allow for mind/body/spirit alignment. We tailor services to the individual. 

**For specific services, each practitioner has a detailed bio that goes more in depth for their skill set.


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Amy has a vast and diverse background, from being a Metaphysician to a professional Improvisor and is stuck in the middle by paying the bills as a Business Analyst. She is the perfect mix of Magick, Light and Counsel. She is a light weaver, a shadow walker and likes to dip all across her skill sets to find the right solution for her clients. She customizes each of her treatments; from crystals to cosmology, she has it covered.

She offers a large array of services both online and in person at Improvised Magic in Ballston Spa, New York. Amy is a proud first wave member of the MDEH Collective and is currently serving on the J.J. Esoteric Foundation board. 



Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a spiritualist and Quantum Healer/Reiki Master of energetic beings. I work with many energies near and far to locate and heal root causes of our darkest traumas, shadows, emotions, and low vibrations. Once located WE work together to address it, transmute it, and heal it. We are all damaged imperfect beings finding our way through this thing called life! Everyone deserves to take steps forward in life without past problems always blocking you from what is waiting for you to embrace!



My favorite thing is seeing transformations in people after I teach small changes they can make to their daily lives. These changes help to improve productivity, relationships, communication, spirituality, reduce stress, decrease ascension symptoms etc. I work with all beings customizing each experience appropriately. Let me show you how to integrate spirituality and a gratitude practice into your daily life. In addition to the above listed titles, I am an artist and energetic jewelry creator. Some of my items will be listed in more detail in our shop. I can also customize pieces based on individual need for healing or aesthetic. 



As far as listing what I "do", I'm always using a mashup. Even using light linguistics I'm using a number of tools. Overall just energy work or quantum architecture/healing. :)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions, or special requests.


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